Annual Vestry and Parochial Meetings 2012

Annual Vestry and Parochial Meetings  

The following were elected to serve the church at last Monday’s Annual Vestry and Parochial Meetings: Churchwarden: John Cook PCC Members: Andy Carr, Alan Dykes, Sandy Edwards-Walsh, Pauline Howlett, Pauline Russ and John Walker At the end of the meeting, Rev.Neil summarised the progress made last year and concluded his report by reminding us of his dream for church … … It’s of a church and church family where there is true interdependence, where each of us supports the church with those gifts and talents which God has given us, and accepts the support of others so that they are able to use their gifts too. … It’s of a church where discipleship matters; where each of us are continually looking to deepen and strengthen our own relationship with God, and willing to share with others what we have discovered during our own faith journeys and help them on their way, whilst realising that we don’t know everything and have nothing to learn from anyone else. … It’s of a church family that is open to everyone, those who fit obviously and those who don’t seem to fit at all, and a church family that is ‘elastic’ … which isn’t fixed and hard and requires others to mould themselves to fit the shape which already exists, but one which realises that each time someone new joins or when one of us goes through a life-changing time then it will reshape the whole of the church family and that we will all be different because of that change. Often the individual will change more than the family as a whole, but sometimes that new person or new experience will mean a significant reshaping for all of us. … It’s of a church where we work at things together, focussing on what we can bring rather than what we want to receive and where we are content to wait and listen for God rather than telling him or others how things have to be. … And, above all, it’s of a church family that doesn’t live in fear, preoccupied with what difficulties might lie ahead, but one that lives with confidence and contentment – not in where we are and have been, but with where we are going and in the God who is guiding and loving us all and in the difference he can make to the lives of people in Kirkby. So, how will the dream happen? Well, it depends on all of us continuing to put into place the building blocks of prayer, Bible study and loving action in our lives, and allowing everyone to give of the gifts and talents in the areas that God has given. Over the last year it’s been great to see people use those gifts and talents in new ways in the life of the church, both in services, in occasional events and in loving action – and it would be great to see more of it this year too. There have been and are some good opportunities for us to pray and study the Bible and we all need to make the most of those opportunities and create new ones for people within and without the church. Together, following God’s guidance, and harnessing the gifts he gives us, we can be part of God’s work here in this place and this community and ‘Be Jesus in Kirkby’ and let his light shine.


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