We have a forum!


This is a seperate website designed to give everyone the opportunity to tell each other about great books, inspirational articles, fantastic television programmes, favourite CDs or whatever else they come across that they think people would love to know about.

Everyone can add their own recommendations. You do need to register as a user first, but after that whatever you want to write about you can. Please include as much information as possible so that other people can find for themselves whatever you are recommending so that might be author, title, date of publication etc.

If you have a copy of something that you would be happy to lend out then please say so. If you come across someone else’s recommendation and you wish to comment on it then there is the facility to do that too.

Hopefully we can build up a bank of information that people can refer to, get inspriation from or just simply enjoy.

Get posting!!!!!!


Posted March 30, 2011 by stthomaschurchkirkby