Our Sunday services



A Steward will greet you and hand you a set of books and leaflets on your way in. The service will use those. The words to most of the service will be in the order of service booklet. If this is a Communion Service then part of the service will come from the buff coloured Eucharistic Prayer booklet.  Someone will announce which booklet etc the words are from. During the service the congregation will stand and sit at various points.  It is usually announced, but most people get by just copying everyone else! The hymn numbers are announced, but if you have missed it they are the numbers on the wall behind the piano. As part of the service we share the Peace.  When this happens the members of the congregation will shake each other by the hand, or you might see good friends share a hug, and say ‘The Peace of the Lord’ to each other. Some people stand up where they are in the pew, others walk around. Please do what feels most comfortable for you.

A collection will be made during one of the hymns. If you would like to put something into the plate when it is brought round then please do so, but please do not feel that you have to.  You may see some envelopes on the plate.  Tax payers who want the church to be able to claim back the tax tend to use these. If you want to do the same then there should be a yellow envelope on the end of the pew which you can fill in. You are also welcome to use the envelope to make an anonymous donation.

If there is a communion service the Celebrant, usually our vicar Reverend Neil Popham, will invite everyone up to take communion. The congregation then file to the altar rail pew by pew. Those that do not usually have communion can keep their hands below the altar rail and receive a blessing.

After the service you are invited to come over to the church hall for a coffee, tea and biscuits.  These are free. If you do not know where the church hall is then please ask someone or just follow people over there if you prefer.



Posted March 27, 2011 by stthomaschurchkirkby