Please take part in our surveys. They will only take a couple of minutes and it is your chance to have your say about we do.  The surveys are anonymous.  At the end of the survey you do NOT have to register for your answers to be collected, even though it will ask you if you would like to.  Results will be published when they are available.




The second survey is about our Sunday Services. Please click here to access the survey.




This first survey is about hymns. 

What hymns do YOU like to sing?  Have your say and you never know, your favourite hymn may well be appearing in Church shortly!  Hymn Survey


Results of the Hymn survey – June 2012 (You may still complete the survey if you wish and results will be passed on)

10% of people say they always like the hymn choices we have in Church, 50% mostly like them, 20% rarely like them  and 20% sometimes like them. No one always dislikes the hymn choices.

60% of respondants say we have far too many new hymns in church but nobody thought we should never sing new hymns.

80% of people prefer a mixture of traditional and modern hymns as opposed to all modern or traditional.

60% have a favourite hymn.

90% have no suggestions for new hymns.

20% Said there were some hymns that we no longer sing that they miss. These include I am the Bread of Life – O Lord the Clouds are Gathering,  Sounds of Living Water / Fresh Sounds.

When asked to pick  5 hymns to sing for a service the following were suggested. Some hymns were suggested by more than one person.  Jubilate Everybody, O Jesus I have promised, Be Still, Trust and Obey, Make me a Channel of your Peace, Shout for Joy,  All I once Held Dear , Soften my Heart , All Hail the Power of Jesus Name,  Jesus take me as I am, When I Feel the Touch, Reign in Me, You shall go out with Joy, I the Lord of Sea and Sky, Shine Jesus Shine, Amazing Grace.


Posted May 8, 2012 by stthomaschurchkirkby